Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanted: Beer

If you get a craving for beer you just go to the store and buy it, right? Wrong! Well I guess you can if you aren't trying to get some fro-fro exotic beer (what The Husband calls it).

So, it all started a few weeks ago when we went to a friends house to hang out for the evening. We typically get together and let the kids play (our daughters are a year apart) and the adults play a game or do rockband on the PS3. Her and I usually have a beer or 2 and whoever's visiting (her house or mine) their husband doesn't allow for a designated driver.

Back to the beer. She has raspberry pomegranate Michelob ultra. It was sooo good! I'm not a big drinker these days but ever since I had this beer I must have more. Alcoholic in the making? I have checked various stores for this beer and cant find it anywhere. I was starting to think she made it herself and stuck a Michelob label on it. Last night I got the bright idea to go to the Michelob Ultra website and what do I find??? A beer finder thingy majig. You type in your zip code and it tells you where you can find the different types of beer. So, now I know where to go without wasting anymore time. Oh and there is an orange kind too. I'm going to pick that up just so I don't have to look for it in the future.
I probably wont even like it once I actually get to buy it.


Brandie said...

Oh, raspberry beer. That sounds good! DH just discovered Wild Blue Blueberry Lager that he really likes. I wonder if he would like the raspberry too.... gives me an excuse to try it too ;)

That Girl said...

hmm bluberry? I do like blueberry!
The funny thing is that I never drink so its odd that I am on this wild beer chase.

Carole said...

OMG ty ty ty. AND thank you for showing me how to spell majig!!! LOL


That Girl said...

Oh Carole, dont take my word for that being the correct spelling. I make up my own words and spelling all the time.

Staci said...

hmmm... I may have to try that. I am not a beer girl, I much prefer sissy drinks, but that sounds yummy! Glad you found it!

Sarah said...

I have never heard of these. They do sound mighty tasty!

Schmoochiepoo said...


Here in the Great White North alcohol is only sold in liquor stores or cold beer and wine stores

I'm always amazed when I head to the US that you can buy a 6pack at the gas station. :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Fruity flavoured beer??? Hmmm...not sure I'd like it since I like a true beer taste.