Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursdays Thirteen

I found this on someone's blog (don't remember who) but I thought it looked fun.

I am going to list 13 things that make me happy!

  1. my daughter laughing

  2. the love that I have grown for my step-daughters

  3. hot, hot, hot baths

  4. taking a walk and chatting with Madison about everything and anything

  5. shopping, even if I don't buy anything

  6. sunshine

  7. colors, I love colors!

  8. babies, so cute and they smell so good (well, most of the time)

  9. The Husbands support

  10. driving with the windows down and the radio up (like I'm a teenager, lol)

  11. going places that I have never been

  12. sleeping

  13. chatting with friends

You can read others and link up here.


Xazmin said...

Great list. I always love driving with the windows down and music turned up! I feel like a teenager again, then realize the mini-van probably spoils the effect!

Alice Audrey said...

This is a very happy list.

Anonymous said...

Great list, I'm with you on most items, especially the very hot baths & the driving with the windows open & the music loud!
Thank you for stopping by my blog today have a great weekend.

Lissa said...

Your list makes me happy too:)

Jen said...

This week I did 13 things that make me feel strong...kind of similar! Great list!!

Janet said...

sunshine! yes!!!

Pam said...

Cool list! I like to crank up the radio and have the windows down to. It always brings me back to my younger days!

~~Mel~~ said...

Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts! Lots of those things make me happy too.

Sarah said...

Just popped in from SITS - you have a fabulous blog, so many great things to read about! Have a great day!

Storm said...

Great list so you must be very happy. Happy TT.

Staci said...

Love many of your happy things! I love to drive with the windows down and the radio cranked too! So fun!