Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's talk Make-up and skin.....

I think I need a makeover or something. I just am not feeling my makeup these days. Maybe its because I am getting older and my skin is changing, who knows.
Speaking of skin face seems to think that its 15 yrs old and going through puberty. Actually, I never had acne as a teen and always had a perfect complexion. Lately? Not so much! Since I started working out my face keeps breaking out. I recently tried Cetaphil because Jen recommended it and it has helped. I just have to get in the habit of actually using it. Ive never had to use a facial cleaner before so this is all foreign to me. Soap and water did the trick.
While we are talking about skin.....I have started to see a few little wrinkles trying to pop through. The nerve! I must squint alot or something (nice!) because I can see where I am going to have 2 lines between my eyebrows. 34 is too young for wrinkles, isn't it? I guess I should have been more proactive with this stuff huh? yikes!

Oh yeah, makeup. So does anyone have a brand of makeup that they love? It doesn't matter if its from Target or a high end company. Maybe I should go to the mall and let them pick some stuff for me, Ive never done that before. I tried everyday minerals but it made me break-out too. I have sensitive combo skin. pleasant!

While you are commenting (hint, hint) you can tell me what color makeup you are wearing these days too. I have been told I look good in purple so I wear that alot. Brown makes me look like I am asleep or dead, so I try to avoid that.


I am Harriet said...

I'm just passing by via SITS.
Have a great day!

~~Mel~~ said...

I moisturize in the morning because I have DRY skin...stupid winter weather...and then just put my cover girl foundation on over that. It's super cheap and probably not good for sensitive skin. So I'm no help to you...sorry!

I love browns...again no help to you! That's about the only colour makeup I wear...and only on special ocassions...I'm so not a make up kind of girl.