Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My 100th post & 100 things about ME!

In celebration of my 100th post I thought I would tell 100 things about me.
Because, well, I love talking about me, Me, ME!
  1. I was spoiled as a child

  2. I wish I was still spoiled but this thing called life has shown me a different path
  3. I hate to get out of bed in the morning

  4. I could be a Professional Sleeper. seriously!

  5. I love naps

  6. I struggle with Infertility

  7. Sometimes I cry when I get my period because I'm not pregnant

  8. M was truly a blessing and meant to be

  9. I don't play with my kids like I should

  10. My job is super boring

  11. I have a really fancy title at my job but really I don't do anything exciting

  12. I make more money than my husband and I hate it

  13. I make more money than most people in my area

  14. I am quite old fashioned in one way but not in others

  15. I wish I could work part time

  16. I have been a SAHM for a year and it was hard work

  17. I wanna be somebody when I grow up

  18. I don't like video games

  19. my husband does

  20. I have gotten very lazy since I turned 30

  21. I love my laptop, its the greatest!

  22. I dye my hair every month to cover gray

  23. I'm to young to have gray hair, damn genes

  24. Sometimes I think I'm OCD and ADD

  25. My mind has a gazillion things going through it at all times

  26. I never relax

  27. there is always something to do

  28. I can be a slight drama queen

  29. I like perfection

  30. I love to clean

  31. I have anxiety over death

  32. like on pills kind of anxiety

  33. I am trying to cherish every moment with M because soon she wont want to be around me because its not cool.

  34. I love to volunteer at M's school, it makes me feel connected

  35. I love coaching girls indoor soccer and meeting the girls and their parents

  36. I love nature

  37. Me, M, and The Husband all have a birthday in Sept (along with 10 other family members)

  38. I may have an addiction to the Internet

  39. I am at an age that I used to think was old

  40. I read the obituaries everyday

  41. I was a single mom

  42. I love going new place

  43. I LOVE shopping

  44. I could walk through stores for hours and not buy anything, I just love being there

  45. I like watching Clean House (whoa, some of those houses!)

  46. I love true crime stuff

  47. I was quite obsessed with the Caylee Anthony case

  48. I was in a fatal accident (me passenger, other car's driver died)

  49. I feel bad that I don't think about that person dying

  50. I had never broke a bone until that wreck and then I broke my whole body

  51. I have 3 scars and I hate them

  52. Scar on my back, hip and hand

  53. I love ranch on anything

  54. I don't really eat condiments

  55. I wont eat cooked veggies, they have to be raw

  56. I could live on junk food

  57. I am a list maker

  58. I plan everything. ev-er-y-thing

  59. I was diagnosed with PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder

  60. I prefer to live in a dream world.....the real world kinda sucks sometimes

  61. I wish I had made M be more into manners

  62. M rarely says thank you

  63. I rarely do also

  64. I cant watch movies without doing something else

  65. I pick the skin on my lips

  66. I don't have alot of shoes, just the basics

  67. My mom has over 100 pair of shoes

  68. I get jealous of pregnant people

  69. I have no memory. None

  70. I have selective hearing when The Husband talks

  71. I miss smoking

  72. Sometimes I wish I could have 'just one' but I know I cant

  73. I had no idea that I would still have cravings almost 1 yr later

  74. I write lots of to-do-lists all day long

  75. I have a recipe binder

  76. I am getting ready to make a family binder with important info like school stuff etc

  77. I need a new purse

  78. I switch purses every season, sometimes more often

  79. I hate riding with other people, I would prefer to drive

  80. I have become more sociable this year vs the past few years

  81. I don't have a best friend.......I have a friend I write about and just say BFF but I don't feel that true BFF connection with her.....I haven't felt that in years with anyone

  82. My mom shows favorites towards my daughter and it bothers me

  83. I love my niece so much!

  84. I put my Spring Flag outside yesterday, even though its not spring.....whatever, I'm ready

  85. I love decorating for holidays

  86. I had my first panic attack when I was pregnant

  87. I love colors

  88. they make me happy

  89. I have a porch swing

  90. I say everything in my head before I say it out loud

  91. I have a 'thing' with numbers. Like I cant say this morning it has to be 7:35am.

  92. I was terrible at Math and Science

  93. I think my husband is very smart

  94. I cant make decisions. Even the smallest thing has to be contemplated over and over

  95. I drink 2 cans of Mt Dew every single day

  96. I don't like any diet soda

  97. I don't like Hannah Montana and I don't even think she's cute

  98. I'm a hypochondriac

  99. I love fireworks

  100. I don't like talking on the phone

That was actually easier than I thought it was going to be! Thanks for reading and following my blog!! xoxo


Staci said...

Thanks for sharing!!!! Congrats on the 100th post! Don't panic attacks SUCK!!! I was getting one last night, but I was able to stop before it got too bad. I think I may need meds. They are getting WORSE! I too used to think 30 is old (are you 30?) But now that I am 31 UGH Its still young damnit! :) Congrats again!! :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow I learnt some new things about you...how is that possible?? lol.

Congrats on your 100th post!!!

Tanielle said...

Congrats on the 100th post. Loved your list, so many sounded like me!!! Have a great night.

That Girl said...

*whispering to Staci* 34!!

Xazmin said...

Thanks for sharing! I decided when I turned 30 that I would start getting 1 year younger every birthday. Now I'm 28!

That Girl said...

Xazmin, what a brilliant idea!