Thursday, March 05, 2009

Question # 22

If your dear friends wanted you to donate sperm or eggs because they were infertile, would you do so? How would you feel about your mate doing so? What about donating them for a couple that would remain anonymous?

Tough one, again.
(I'm going to sound horrible again) I think it would be easier to donate to someone and it be anonymous. I am a very mental (haha) person and I think I would look at my friends child as some sort of being my child since I contributed.
On the other hand I know how much infertility sucks and takes a toll on a person.

I don't know.


Staci said...

That'd be a big fat NEGATIVE! I would do it annon, but not to a friend. I wouldn't be able to not see the child as mine... I think it would end badly.... I am selfish I guess :(

Anonymous said...

I'm actually just starting the process of becoming an egg donor. Through the whole process, you have to remain anonymous. I would never be able to meet the recipient or know anything about them but they would know who I am b/c they chose me.

Now, for a friend, I couldn't do it for your same reasons. I like the anonymous factor.

Hopefully that makes sense.

~~Mel~~ said...

I could do it...but it would have to be anonymously. I don't know that I could have children close to me that were blood related to my child yet not have them really be related...does that make sense? lol.

Yet, I've often thought I could be a surrogate for a close friend as long as the egg and sperm were not mine or the boyfriend's.