Sunday, March 29, 2009

Modern Technology---Do you?

Text- I used to think texting was ridiculous. The amount of time that you put into texting you could have called the person much quicker. I am finding myself texting more and more these days though. I started at work when I just needed to ask someone a quick question and now I do it at home too. Its so much easier than calling and staying on the phone with someone forever. I am not a phone person.

Myspace- I have avoided this because I know I would spend way too much time on it. Like I do all other Internet sites. I browse when I get bored to see what people I went to school with look like now or where they live but Ive never made a profile.

Facebook- I hear facebook is much better than myspace but I hate that every one's profiles are private. It doesn't allow people like me to stalk very much. For this reason, I don't like facebook. lol

Twitter- this one I don't understand. Why does everyone need to know every single thing that you do?

Is anyone else a hold out on these sites? Its kind of weird that I hold out on these sites but I have a blog to talk about my life.


Xazmin said...

I am so the same! My brother keeps pressuring me to do facebook, but I'm not sure I want to be "friends" with all the people I used to know!

I don't even want to be "friends" with the ME I used to know!

Yes to to all the others!

YES to blogging!

~~Mel~~ said...

Not a texter...but I will ocassionally to avoid having to talk on the phone with certain ppl lol. I'd much rather e-mail or facebook than friends and family hate it but honestly I'll get your e-mail before I"ll get your phone message...that's just the way my world is.

Now twitter...I'm a hold out for sure!

You know I"m addicted to FB...Myspace not so much.

Did I answer all your questions in that novel I just wrote?

Staci said...

I had a myspace but it has been neglected once I started blogging...

I did not want a facebook page, but I have one. Jason needed more members in his mob(?) so he recruited me. I do not really understand face book. All the aps confuse me....

Twitter I do NOT get al all!!!

I do not text, but I do Blackberry IM, I guess its similar except its free for my phone...

The Masked Mommy said...

Twitter, I totally don't get. But I'm completely addicted to facebook! :-)

Kris said...

I actually LOVE twitter! One way I use it is when I make a post on my blog about a craft idea or something and I can get the word out in a split second about it. I also love following others through it and have found some fantastic links, how-tos, great articles, etc. I really don't use it to say things such as wondering what I might have for lunch that day! LOL!