Saturday, April 11, 2009

I fell into the Twilight craze

I'm usually one who will not get involved in all the 'fads' like Harry Potter etc. Well I gave in and became curious about Twilight. A friend of mine has read the books and saw the movie 20 times. My boss read the books and watched the movie but enjoyed the books more. That's typical. So I got Twilight from the library and put off watching it until the last minute. Its due back today and we just got around to watching it last night.

The movie began with a scene and I thought 'oh I am so not going to like this'. I am not going to spoil it for others so there wont be many details given. I saw the famous Edward that everyone loves and drools over. I was not impressed at all. The movie goes on and I give it my full attention....typically I have my laptop on while watching a movie. The further I get into the movie the hotter Edward gets. The love story of it sucked me in.

Today I am wondering if I should read the books or wait it out until the next movie comes out. I am definitely looking forward to the next movie. If you haven't watched it you should give it a chance. I'm glad that I did.


~~Mel~~ said...

I thought I'd hate it and because of all the hype would end up totally disappointed...but I loved it!!!

PS - I gave you an award on my blog.

Staci said...

Like Mel I thought I would hate it. I will say I did NOT like the movie. It was okay, but the book was MUCH better! The second book was boring in the beginning, but the rest rocked!!! I have not started the third book yet, but I will soon! I would reccomend the books!!

Maggie said...

I did NOT like the movie at all the first time I watched it. I went and read the entire series and then went back and watched the movie and now I LOVE it!

I think the books make the movie that much better. They explain a lot of things that having not read the book I thought were creepy.

Long story short, read the books!

Lisha said...

Hi there :) I am a friend of Stacis and followed you from her blog. Nice to meet you :)

I too did not like the movie, but I also read the first 2 books as well. In the book you get excited about Edward when you first read about imagine him to be MUCh hotter than what you first see of him as he walks in the cafeteria in the movie.

I defintely say read the book, at least just Twilight :)