Thursday, April 09, 2009

The week in review

I cant believe I haven't posted since Monday.

Tuesday I went back to the Dr and started round 2 of antibiotics. This time I will take it for 14 days. She said that I probably wouldn't start feeling better until day 5, which is Saturday. Encouraging huh? Oh whats another 5 days of being sick. blah

I had to cancel my hair appt to be able to go to the Dr's. That kinda sucked because now I cant get in until May 4th. That seems so long away! Can you tell I have no patience? lol

M is feeling better so that's great news.

Last night we made Easter Sugar Cookies as a family. I really enjoyed this. It started out with me making cookies. I can not make sugar cookies for some reason. They never turn out. I put the dough in the fridge overnight and they still didn't work. I had to add tooooonnnns more flour to keep them from being sticky. This is probably the 4th recipe I have tried and its always the same thing. I don't understand. Anyone have a good recipe? Anyway, The Husband took over rolling the cookies, M's job was to play in the flour (and get it all over the floor), I was the oven person and then M and I decorated them once they cooled. I was tempted to bring out the Pampered Chef decorating kit (lol Staci) but I wasn't nearly ambitious enough for that. The end result was pretty and I did take a pic but don't hold your breath on me posting them. I still haven't posted pics of my new dining room table yet. Here's a visual for you.......bunny and egg shaped cookies with light pink, yellow and green frosting.

Today M has a birthday party to attend at 3:30. Who has a party from 3:30-5:30 on a Thursday? The principals son, that's who. Its at Pump It Up so I'm assuming it was cheaper to go it at this time? The school is on Spring Break this week but that doesn't mean the parents are. weirdo's. Anyway The Husband has to pick M up at daycare and bring her to my work at 3pm so I can take her to the party that is 5 mins away from my work.....her daycare is 30 mins from my work. THEN after the party I have to drive to meet my mom to give her M since daycare is closed tomorrow and I have to work. I left my house at 6:20am and probably wont return until 8pm.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm cooooookieeeeees.

Staci said...

That is a strange party time.... I am glad M is feeling better! I hope you are soon!

Give me a few hours and I'll be overe for some cookies... ;)

Glad your back!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that's a long day. My oldest was invited to a party on a weekday where there WAS school the next day. Party didn't end until 9pm. We went for a little just so she wouldn't miss it but 9 was too late for a school night for us. I'm glad M is feeling better too and hope your back up to par soon!!