Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm not losing any. I'm not really curbing what I eat that much. I'm not drinking water. Still have 2 soda's a day. I'm not really exercising like I was. I'm not counting calories anymore either. I stopped all of this when I got the Sinus Infection from Hell a few weeks ago. Yet I want to get all depressed when I try on clothes from last year that don't fit. Or when I think about taking M to the pool and having love handles. No one can do this but me so I can only be mad at myself. I guess I kinda really find it hard to believe that I will have to do this the rest of my what I eat and exercise. That doesn't sound fun. I guess you can't have everything, right?
Told you I was a spoiled brat....always wanting her way. ugh


Lisha said...

I COMPLETELY understand and agree MORE than you know lol. ;) I really don't want to work at this the rest of my life. I just want it to come naturally.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why we cant, like step in a magic chamber, press a button, and come out skinny?! I HATE working out, I HATE dieting. But I hate being fat, even worse. Ugh.

I feel ya.

Denise said...

Ah screw it. I'm embracing my fatness. I've decided not to run anymore b/c my butt just hits me in the back of my head. I've decided that mirrors are only good in a fun house. And most of all, I'm going to just point and laugh at all the skinny people, because it's obvious they can't cook, while me and my fat family waddle down the candy aisle at the grocery store.

That Girl said...

lol Denise.

~~Mel~~ said...

Denise you totally crack me up!

Girl, I'm with ya...I don't have time in my busy life to exercise and count calories...granted when it's a choice between a greasy burger and a salad, I usually choose the salad and that's helping me to maintain...but I can't believe I've been exercising (I recognize it's been off and on) since mid-February and still don't feel like I'll be ready to put a bathing suit on anytime soon...urgh.