Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm not even going to pretend

that I will catch up on all my blog reading. I think once you get behind its just too hard to go back unless you have tons of time.

Work has been the same way. Slammed! I haven't had time for any Internet activities! Rude, I know. It will settle itself out soon. My boss is even helping me so I cant really surf the web while she does all my work. I do need this job. lol

The rain dance---you girls are awesome! We had no rain until the trip home. Now that's not to say we didn't have any problems. We woke up at 5:50 to be at school at 7am. While watching the news they were talking about a horrific accident that had the interstate shut down in both directions. Great. We get to school, board the bus, get on the interstate, get directed off the interstate onto a side road.....this road is one lane going each way so you can only imagine the traffic. Dead stand still. What should have taken us 30 mins took 2 hours.

We get to the zoo and we are off. So many parents went that only a few kids needed to have a chaperon. We were not one of them. It was just me and M free to roam the zoo for 4 hours. We got to see almost everything, went in the gift shops (M's fave part because she saved her money and I bought her stuff too), ate our packed lunch and just strolled around. We would randomly run into kids from school and sometimes get some photos with M and her friend. It was nice. I was a little disappointed in the animals at the zoo. No giraffe? wth? But they did have squirrels. We skipped that since we have plenty of squirrels at home.

On the way home the Interstate was still shut down so we tried yet another way home. This consisted of mountainous, curvy roads while we were in 3 big charters buses and the roads were slick. Oh and we cant forget High School Musical 3 blaring on the DVD player/TVs on the bus.

Soooo to all of you.....
hugs if you need them
awww's to your kids
great job's to you supermom's
you can do it to those trying to lose weight
etc etc


Staci said...

I am soooo glad the weather cooperated! I thought of you yesterday when I had the kids outside... It sounds like you had a great mommy daughter day! My friend Lisha there were no giraffes there.... I swear I remember giraffes being there when I took the girls I nannied for 5 years ago or so.... Where did they go?!?

I hope you get caught up soon! I feel like I'm behind too!

Lisha said...

Staci, you are right, there used to be giraffes but supposedly they got shipped away or something. Baltimore has giraffes though.

I am so glad you had a decent day at the zoo. I knew my rain dance would work :) I, too, am SO far behind...just start from the present and go with it :) That is the best thing about blogland!

~~Mel~~ said...

Well as long as you're still reading my j/k.

Sounds like a great mother/daughter day...are you going to post pics or what???