Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop-What my kid is talking about

The awesome and funny MamaKat holds a weekly Writer's Workshop. Go check her out and read some great stories!

This week I am going to choose What are your kids talking about since I planned on blogging about this the other day.

My baby is having her first girl drama and it breaks my heart. The mom in me wants to just go kick the little girl’s ass but luckily I have a level headed husband. M has been in daycare from the time she was 2 yrs old and shes almost done with 2nd grade so shes been around her fair share of kids. She has never really had a problem before so I was very surprised when she told me this week that she wanted to switch schools. Huh? This little girl, Stormee, is mean to her all the time and even does the head rolling around thing when she talks to Madison. Its quite funny to watch a 7yr old do this, btw. So Stormee is mean and I ask M what she does and she says that since she is mean, M has every right to be mean back to her. Stormee has told M that she has told her mom and dad that M is mean to her. This was a huge discussion in our house on Tuesday night. I sometimes wonder what I should tell The Husband and what is better off not said. You know, like you want your kid to trust you so you shouldn’t go telling everyone their business. I’m probably way over dramatizing this since she’s only 7. But I don’t and never did have a very deep relationship with my mom. I want more than that with my daughter. I want her to know I will listen and guide her when possible.

Anyway so I brought it up in front of The Husband and M started explaining herself and this story. It appears that Stormee has no friends and is jealous. M hangs out with 5 little girls and they are a very close little group….sure we can call it a clique, I guess. Stormee is mean to all of these girls but at the same time she gets mad when they don’t want to play with her. The Husband told M to just ignore her and not give her any ‘fuel’. M thought this was great….we had had a nice talk and life was grand.

Yesterday she comes home from school and said Stormee was being mouthy with her again. M asked her friend Brandi if Stormee was ever mean to her and Brandi said yes. M said ‘my daddy said just to ignore her’ so Stormee heard this and said…..quit talking about me or I am going to tell the teacher. Ugh She didn’t tell the teacher. The Husband thinks she shouldn’t have brought it up to Brandi…..just ignore, remember. Me? I still want to kick her ass.

The realllllly funny part is: I know her mom. I used to be friends with her mom even though noone else wanted to because they thought she acted better than everyone else (apple-tree!) We are going on a field trip Tuesday and I will see Stormee’s mom and dad. This should be fun. I am soooo not ready for drama and hurt feelings.


Denise said...

Bullies suck! Hopefully that mean child will find a friend who enjoys being tortured and leave yours alone. Ugh!

Probably shouldn't read my Playground Bully post for this weeks Writer's Workshop. I wasn't very good a good example on how to handle things. LOL

Staci said...

OMG I am not ready for this... Thank god I have a few more years to prepare!

I would want to kick the girl'a ass too.... Its that whole mama bear thing :)

The field trip will be interesting for sure!

Anonymous said...

Aww... If only adult problems were so simple, huh?

Kitty said...

I remember my first drama as a little girl... it's a right of passage I guess! Great post!

Michelle said...

Ugh that's so sad. Does the school do any social emotional learning types of things where they work with kids on character and conflict resolution and bullying, etc? This may be something that the teacher can use to educate the whole class (not calling them out specifically) and create a better dynamic overall. Has the school been made aware of any of that?

Good luck with the field trip!

That Girl said...

Michelle, no I havent talked to the school about this. I will if it continues. Right now we are just going to give Madison the tools to work with against people like this. This wont be the last time something like this happens, I'm sure.

Xazmin said...

Why does it all have to be so complicated?

I thought being a mom would give me all the answers...but I think I knew more when I was a kid!

~~Mel~~ said...

I think this is something we all deal with at one time or another...last year it was Riley being bullied by Tyler...we used the same approach 'ignore him' and you know what it worked...eventually. Once Stormee realizes that M and her friends aren't reacting to her she'll move on to someone that will.

Anonymous said...

There is such a fine line, and so hard to know what to do! You wanna protect your baby and stand up for her, but you also want her to fight her own battles. i think ignoring is good advice.

Gamma Sharon said...

I have two girls (now grown up) but my claws still come out to defend them. It never ends, and you are right to want a great relationship with your daughter. My girls are my best friends.