Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have competition!

Madison got a paper home from school last week explaining an Essay/Poem contest. She said she wanted to do it but I didnt really think she would follow through.....sometimes she cant be bothered with this sort of thing.

The contest prize really drew her in though.
1st place-$100
2nd place-$50
3rd place-$25

She really wants to win first and BE RICH with all of that money. (Gotta love that!) So we talk about it and she decides that she wants to type out the essay. Oh, the theme is 'Why your teacher is special'. You could do past or present. She chose this years teacher. I asked if she wanted to tell it to me and I would type it. Nope, she wanted to do it all.

Here it is:

My name is M (she put 1st name, middle initial and last name) and I go to X elementary school. My teacher's name is Mrs. AA and I think she is special to me because she is nice which I like about her; she is probably the second best teacher since kindergarten. She is caring, responsible, she has citizenship, she is probably the best teacher besides our/my social studies teacher Mrs. BB is just like Mrs. AA. I really am really looking for the best year I've ever had with Mrs. AA. I love how she calls us all her friends. I like it but it's funny and it's weird at the same time. HA!HA!HA!. I love her reading and the math worksheets she gives us for homework! That homework is awesome! Mrs. AA may be the best teacher ever! And if someone got hurt who would be there? She would! And if people got or needed help who would be there for her class? She would! She has fun lessons. She does fun and cool things. She always tries to squeeze in time to read fun books. You should try having her for a second grade teacher and you'll know what I mean. I love being in her class. Even know when you really have to go to the bathroom during a lesson and she won't let you go other than that she is nice. She is the nicest teacher. That's why she is so special to me! THE END!

So after she got done typing that she kept begging me to type my mom an email. This email makes me laugh so much because shes like having her own little conversation.....

dear grandma want to see me type fast????? hold on.......................................bhdhnydgfdfggfdhgtfjghdbyhdjnhdfjhyfcnygfvhhhfggfdbntfjygdhjgdh
so what do you think?!?!?!???!!!?!?????? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you love it ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey what is louianna doing anyway ooooooooooooooo! she's wrestleing with booey is she!!!!!!?????? well tell her I said CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!
madison your grandauter!

*louianna is Lou-Lou, a girl dog and Booey is an outside boy dog at my moms house. Can you guess who named them?


Staci said...

lol!!! Too funny! I crack up when kids say a person has citizenship! That concept was shoved down my throat all through my education classes lol! Great writing! I bet it is neat to see them express their thoughts on paper... How smart they are! :)

Xazmin said...

That is so adorable! I love the way kids just don't even give a second thought to how things "look" or "sound"...they're just themselves, and their wonderful imaginations brighten our day!

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow that is super impressive!!! She really typed all that all on her own?? Riley has a hard time finding all the letters in his name on the keyboard lol. I guess it's time I let him have a little more exposure to my (notice I didn't say our)computer!

That Girl said...

Yes Mel she typed all of it. I wanted to type so it would go quicker but be her words. Nope. she even now knows how to right click on a word to get the correct spelling.

I advise against letting Riley use your computer though. He will bug you to be on it all the time.