Monday, April 20, 2009

Is there a stop the rain dance?

There is a rain dance so there should be a stop the rain dance too, right? I'm hoping so. I am asking all of you to do a little STOP the rain dance today. We leave M's school at 7am tomorrow to go to the Zoo. Rain or Shine. I really don't want to walk around a zoo for hours in the rain. M will be uber disappointed if no animals are out because of the rain. From 4-6am we got an inch of rain and its still raining now. I hope its just getting it out of its system.

So yeah, dance today.
Break dance, shake your booty dance, waltz, slow dance.....whatever may work.
Just dance!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I need that over here too. Its miserable.

Xazmin said...

Okay, my girls and I are going to do a stop the rain dance for you.

I'll film it and post it on my blog. NOT!

But we'll dance!

Lisha said...

I am dancing..oh yeah...get down, can you see me?? UH huh...boogy woogy....spin, clap, jump, raising the it working??

Nope. It is still raining here. Hope it stops for you tomorrow and my dance works. lol

~~Mel~~ said...

I hope that rain stopped and you are enjoying your day at the zoo! Riley and I did the "stop the rain dance" for you last night...perhaps we got it wrong though...the rain stopped here...I hope it stopped for you too.